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About TMNL

Transactie Monitoring Nederland B.V. (TMNL) was founded on 10 July 2020 by the five banks: ABN AMRO, ING, Rabobank, Triodos Bank, and Volksbank.

TMNL has been built up and developed in stages. In its first eighteen months to two years, TMNL has focused on building and developing a platform to analyse a large number of business payments made through the founding banks for potentially unusual transactions.

TMNL is led by CEO Norbert Siegers. Moving from his most recent role as IT Lead in Commercial Banking at ABN AMRO, Siegers brings more than 25 years of experience in banking and payments with him. The other, experienced members of the MT also come from the founding banks: AML Analytics Manager Lucian Baghiuc is a former Tech Expert at ING; Chief Risk & Administrative Officer Lars Roodenburg is a former Legal Expert at ING; and Chief Technology Officer Rob Keevil a.i. is a former ING Data Analytics Platform Lead. In addition to the MT, TMNL has a diverse, ambitious, and skilled team of staff, which is still growing.

At TMNL, we place huge importance on corporate social responsibility, constant curiosity, bold decisions, and learning and growing together. TMNL has a firm cultural foundation based on ethics, welcoming people of all backgrounds, personalities and perspectives, honesty and vulnerability in our interactions, and continuously experimenting. In this way, we not only gain the edge and achieve the quality in our work that we strive for, but also bring about long-term social change through our continuous fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.